F.A.Q. About Dogs

What vaccinations do you require?
In order to keep a safe environment, we require all pets to be current on all their vaccinations.

When should I start bringing my puppy to the groomers?
We encourage people to start bringing their puppies to the groomer as soon as they get all their puppy shots.  A positive experience is what is important for grooming to be less stressful when the dog gets older, even if you don’t feel like he/she needs a bath or haircut yet.

Can I stay and watch my dog get groomed?
Your dog will experience more stress if he/she can see you while they are getting groomed, they will try to get to you and try to wiggle away.  Most dogs will have a better experience if they can focus on the groomers and don’t associate them with the people that keep them away from their owners. If you are not comfortable with your dog getting a bath and a haircut you can stay in or close to the building but don’t let him/her see you. You can always call and check on the status of your dog.

How long will grooming take?
Grooming times depend on the breed and type of service. Usually plan on leaving your pet for about four hours. You will be notified if it would take any more or less time.

Will my dog be kenneled?
For the safety of your dog, he/she will be in a spacious and comfortable kennel and will be provided water at all times. They will be supervised and  kennel time will be kept as minimal as possible.

How often should I get my dog groomed?
Six to eight weeks should be the average time between groomings. If you want your dog’s hair to be long and fluffy it will require brushing at home and some times more frequent groomings.

Why is dematting not safe?
Over brushing a matted dog can cause skin irritation and it is very unpleasant for your dog. For the safety of your dog we recommend to not let your dog’s hair get to tangled and if it is, to get the dog’s hair cut short and start over. Hair always grows back!

Will my pet be sedated?
We do not give dogs any type of sedative and will not groom dogs that have been sedated. If your pet is uncomfortable to the point that he/she gets to aggressive or shows serious signs of stress, we will end the grooming session and let your vet groom him/her

Why does my dog not like going to get groomed?
Getting a bath and a haircut is not dogs’ favorite things to do. Even dogs that love to swim sometimes won’t like a warm soapy bath. Our groomers will make the experience as positive as possible by praising and comforting your dog.

What is puppy coat change?
Your puppy will lose his/her puppy coat and develop his/her adult coat at 8 to 12 months of age. This will result in a change of texture and sometimes color.  Most of non-shedding dogs will experience severe matting during those times. Ask your groomer how to brush your dog and what tools to use so you can keep your dog’s hair long.

How often should my dog get his/her nails trimmed?
Your dog should get his/her nails trimmed every four weeks on average. If you walk your dog on soft ground (grass and park trails), he/she might need it more frequently. If your dog gets walked on cement he/she might not need it as often.

My dog has hair in his/her ear canal, should it be plucked?
Some dogs need hair in their ears to keep water out when they swim. In most cases the hair makes it difficult to keep the ear canal clean and will cause ear infections. If you are not sure if the hair should be plucked or not we recommend plucking just a little bit of it and see how your pet reacts to it. Plucking the ear canal is not the most pleasant experience but an ear infection is more painful and uncomfortable.

What is an anal gland and when does it need expressed? Is your dog scooting his/her butt on your carpet?
Anal glands are sacks located on each side of the anus and secrete a liquid that enables the dog to mark their territory. In some cases the dog expresses them him/herself when defecating. If that doesn’t happen (mostly small dogs) that will cause discomfort and poor hygiene. Sometimes the dog will express them when stressed or scared. Your groomer will be able to tell if they need manually expressed and will do it externally. Your vet will be able to do it internally. If your dog is scooting his/her butt on the ground, ask your groomer to check the anal glands.

What type of breeds need grooming?
Every dog can get a bath and we groom all breeds, big and small.  Even short hair dogs can get a good bath and deshed. Most dogs love to be clean and love their owners’ reaction when they smell good and get a big hug.


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